We are not able to accept any cats or dogs at this time. Call for Info.

About Us


Pet Parents

Marion and David Cuttino are the primary care givers for the cats and dogs on the property. They have been working with rescue groups for over twenty years. Marion is managing "The Ranch" part-time since her latest injury and have decreased the number of animals in their care. She is the Author of Stray Cats and Dogs, an in-depth manual for resources and care of cats and dogs. David is a retired Navy Commander who is currently Assistant Chief Pilot with Sunrise Aviation.  He does the heavy lifting and works with the pets everyday. Several volunteers fill in to help socialize the fur balls.  There are no paid employees, everyone works for love of animals.



We have some beautiful cats, some declawed (a horrible, practice not recommended by us) that are ready to be adopted. This is Sundae, she is a long hair Maine Coon mix. She is a sweet lady that would prefer to be the only cat in the house, but does tolerate others. She has been fixed and gets along with dogs, if they are cat friendly.



Not kept in Cages

Our location is Fernandina Beach (off island), Nassau County, Florida on five and a half acres. We have a pond, two large cabins, two towers, and a barn for the cats. We have completed repair of our fences. The catio structure has been completed and now we are working on the catio interior and memorial garden.

Currently there are several special needs pets that reside inside our home, and they have access to the catio for fresh air and sunshine

Our primary focus is to provide a forever home for pets coming to us through a death or owners going into nursing homes. We saved 132 cats/dogs in 2018 and currently have 22 cats & 3 dogs. 

Please Contribute

Thank you for your continued support which has enabled us to recover from Hurricane Irma, and provides medical support for our aging cats and dogs. 

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